Wednesday Night Series


ORGANIZED BY: Colington Yacht Club


This race series is open to all current members of the Colington Yacht Club.  Each boat must register with fleet captain on or before May 1so that staggered start times can be calculated prior to the first race. 

Wednesday Night Series Entry Form is posted on the CYC web site. The entry form is available on the main Wednesday Night Race Series page of this site. 

757 672 5893

Carl Smith
3525 Elkton Drive
Chesapeake VA 23321
133 Lee Court
Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948



The Wednesday Evening Race Series will consist of 8 races.  Race dates will be posted on the CYC calendar.

All races are rain or shine unless a small craft advisory is issued for the Albemarle Sound on the day of the race. Races will not be rescheduled. Races are to start promptly at 18:00:00.


The Racing Rules of Sailing for 2013-2017 and the prescriptions of the US Sailing will govern the regatta, except as theses are changed by the Sailing Instructions.



There will be a spinnaker and non-spinnaker class. Non-spinnaker  boats cannot fly a spinnaker or any head sail with a free flying luff. Each class will need at least 3 boats registered for the series to be scored. All boats will start in order but classes will be score separately.  After starting, racing for each class is boat-for-boat (first to finish wins!).



Two courses are charted and will be used with various wind conditions.  Both will follow the usual Wednesday night route, Start/Finish line near harbour entrance, 2KH, MG, 2KH, harbour entrance.  Wind speeds below 9 kts will result in a shortened course.  Race committee will announce intended race course before each race. 


Time on distance PHRF handicaps are applied to start times resulting in a staggered start.

Example: (A boat starting at 18:00:00 has a rating of 225 and your boat has a rating of 215 on a 6 mile course your start time would be 18:01:00).


Races with wind speeds 5 kts. and under will race a 3.0 nm course. Starting line, to 2KH taking it to port, and finishing at the start/finish line.


Races with wind speeds 5-9 kts. will race a 6.0 nm course. Starting line, to 2KH taking to port, and back to the start/finish line, twice.


Races with wind speeds 9+ kts. and over will race an 8.0 nm course.  The course is from the starting line to 2KH taking it to port, MG taking it to port, 2KH taking it to starboard, and finishing at the starting line.


All boats registered will receive three start times based on course length and PHRF.  These courses with wind speeds may be modified dependent on the number and types of boats entered. Start ties are available on the main Wednesday Night Race Series page of this site.



Each registered boat will receive a start time based on the announced course and wind conditions.  It will be the responsibility of each skipper to know their start time based on the announced course.  It will be the responsibility of each skipper to approach the start line on time.  All standard US Sailing Rules for the Start, rules of the road and rights apply for pursuit format start.  Boats that go over the line early will be hailed on VHF 68 and required to follow Rule 30.1 (the around the end rule). 


To relieve congestion and facilitate identification of premature starters, a yacht may not maneuver within 100 yards of the starting line until 4 minutes before its starting time.


All motors must be off or in neutral two minutes before your start time.



All boats completing the course will score in their finishing order.


PRIZES: Trophies will be awarded to the top three scoring boats at the end of the series. These will not be traditional trophies; they will be "Beer Can" racing in nature.




Any boat protesting another shall adhere to rule 61 and all of its subparts.   


As a courtesy to the Committee Boat and the boat being protested, please announce your intention to protest via the VHF radio addressed to the Race Committee as soon as is reasonably possible.   



The Race Committee boat shall monitor and broadcast on Channel 68.



All vessels must comply with USCG safety requirements

Racing shall be cancelled Small Craft Warnings are posted for Albemarle Sound. 



Competitors participate in the regatta entirely at their own risk. See rule 4, Decision to Race. The organizing authority will not accept any liability for material damage or personal injury or death sustained in conjunction with or prior to, during, or after the regatta.   



757 672 5893

Carl Smith
3525 Elkton Drive
Chesapeake VA 23321
133 Lee Court
Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948