YSP Sailfish

The Program, (Camp), is a US Sail instructional program for young people ages 9 to 16.  Youth will receive guidance from certified instructors supported by many adult volunteers. They will sail in our Optimist, Sunfish, and Topaz boats and have an opportunity to participate in two regattas. 

The Optimist sailboat is designed for children and youth. If the sailor has experience and is able, with training, to right a capsized Sunfish or Topaz sailboat, they may practice their sailing skills with our larger vessels if they desire. Sailors will receive dock-side instruction and hands-on sailing experience, progressing to solo sailing when they are ready.

The YOUTH SAILING CAMP will be held at the Colington Youth Sailing Shed near the Harbour boat ramp   Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings from 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. starting July 6th, 2020.  The course ends on Thursday, July 30th. There will be a Regatta and awards picnic on Sunday August 2nd.  Traditionally we have served free lunch on Thursdays for sailors, volunteers and parents after storing the boats. Water is always available, and students are encouraged to bring their own labeled refillable water bottles.

The total program cost is $100 per child.  An application/consent form is required to be submitted by parents/guardians.  These forms are available on the website, colingtonyachtclub.com, under the "Youth Sailing" tab. Please submit the registration application as soon as possible.  Upon notification of acceptance, please submit the required medical form and payment.

There has been rapid growth in both number of vessels, sailors and volunteers through the last several years. This year we have at least two certified instructors ,and other Coast Guard trained assistants.  Our fleet consists of 12 Optimist Sailing Dinghies, or trainers,  many Sunfish and 4 Topaz sailboats.  We propose to hold the class size to approximately 25 this year and have changed the age range to 9 - 16 years old.  Based on the number and quality of volunteers, we may be able to offer the Camp to more children. Please call or email Ryan Hatch, (contact info given below) if you can give any volunteer hours.

Sailors need to be swimmers, to bring their own properly fitted life jacket, close toed shoes,  and wear suitable clothing for sailing.  Instruction will be given about appropriate protection. 

For more information please contact Ryan Hatch captryan2@gmail.com or YouthProgram@colingtonyachtclub.com