About Us

Colington Yacht Club

Do you have a boat or any kind of vessel that floats? Don’t have a boat?  It doesn’t matter! Anyone can join the Colington Yacht Club, and the Board of Officers invites you to do just that!

As an active member of the club, you will have the opportunity to participate in all our activities…….

Ever seen those small boats in the Harbour with kids at the helm?? That’s our Youth Sailing Program!

Ever wondered what that group of boats is doing rafted up together in the Harbour?? They’re enjoying a little food and drink with their friends!

Want to spend a fun weekend with friends?? Join us for one of three “away” races – crew on a boat or just be a spectator, sit back and enjoy the camaraderie!

And that’s not all! When you belong to the Colington Yacht Club, we also have numerous social gatherings throughout the year… dinners, picnics, “away” raft -ups!

What’s our point??
Join us and have fun, maybe learn something new, and definitely make new friends!