Scoring System

All Races This Year will use Time-On-Time Scoring

In Previous Years Time-On-Distance Scoring was Used

PHRF Scoring

PHRF – The largest handicap fleets in the United States now sail under the Performance Handicap Racing Fleet (PHRF) system.
The PHRF supplies a single correction factor that is applied regardless of the conditions of the race,
but the numbers are assigned locally to reflect actual performance of the boat type sailing in local conditions.
Both time-on-distance and time-on-time handicapping is used under PHRF.


The basic time-on-distance formula is: TA = ( D x PHRF ) / 60
TA = Time Allowance in minutes
D = course length in miles
PHRF = rating in seconds per mile
Subtracting the time allowance (TA) from the actual time it took the boat to sail the race (elapsed time or ET) equals the corrected time (CT).

Utilizing PHRF for time-on-time corrections is done by first calculating a time correction factor (TCF).
The simplest way to calculate TCF is; TCF = 600 / (480 + PHRF).
Corrected time then equals elapsed time multiplied by TCF. More Information on PHRF Time on Time.

The above formulas represent the simplest form of the PHRF system only and additional information
is available from the PHRF Committee. Computer scoring information for PHRF is also available.