Sunday Afternoon Sails

Sunday Afternoon Sails
Every Sunday at 1:00 PM During the Winter Months

Sunday Afternoon Sails will continue into the spring & summer
as long as there’s interest.

The format for the Sunday Sails is the same as for Wednesday Sails:

We will assemble in Colington Harbour before 1:00 PM and the first boat will leave the harbour around 1:00. There is no sign-up. Just show up and sail.

The course is from the Harbour entrance to a port turn around the 2KH marker and then on to a port rounding of the MG marker then return to a starboard rounding of the 2KH and home to the Harbour entrance.

When the lead boat rounds the MG marker, all boats will turn around and follow the course home. The “winner” is the first boat to reach the outer Harbour channel markers. Actually everyone who sails on Sunday is a winner.

Gather for an impromptu social in the park after the sail.

Boat-to-boat communication will be on VHF Channel 68.


Don’t Have a Boat or Just Want to Crew?

Never sailed before but would like to try? Wondered what the Sunday afternoon experience is like? Then go out with an experienced captain and crew. You can just sit and experience the peacefulness of sailing or help tend the lines or steer. No experience? Don’t worry. You’ll get expert instruction. The sails last 2-3 hours depending on the wind.

This opportunity is open to everyone – you don’t have to be a CYC member. If you like it, you can join the club and enjoy all of our activities.

Contact the CYC Fleet Captain at [email protected] in advance to arrange a pickup. Then come to the Colington Harbour Marina at 12:30 PM at the dock that has the CYC sign. A boat will come over and pick you up.

Don’t Be Late!!! The boats sail out of the Harbour promptly at 1:00PM so you must be on board before then.

Note: On some days the weather or other circumstances may not permit us to carry passengers. Please be understanding that we are concerned about your safety.