Wednesday Night Race Series

Wednesday Night Race Series 2022

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These Races are for Everyone Regardless of Experience.
The Objective is to learn about racing and to hone your racing skills.
This is basically the same thing we do each Wednesday, except there will be a scored race series with a starting line outside of the Harbour.The races this year will follow a “Pursuit” format with boats starting according to their PHRF rating – the boats with the highest PHRF starting first. The winner will be the first boat back to the start/finish line.The race will start at about 6:00 pm for those boats that want to participate.
This is also a part of the Club Championship Series. 

Please read the Race Notice carefully.
You must Register for this race so the Fleet Captain can calculate your start time.

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Fleet Captain declares the 2022 winners of the Wednesday night race series to be

1st place – Go with the Flo captained by Greg Florence

2nd place – Traveller captained by Shawn Murphy

3rd place – Lakico captained by Rick Straub

Colington Yacht Club 2022 Race series

                   1st                                   2nd                             3rd             4th

8-Jun     Lakico                            Traveller

15-Jun  Go With The Flo     Traveller                   Brizo         Lakico

29-Jun  Minor Threat           Go With The Flo   Lakico     Traveller

11-Aug  Minor Threat          Go With The Flo   Big Juan    Traveller

24-Aug  Abandoned race due to no wind and darkness

7-Sep    Go With The Flo     Traveller