Albemarle Sound Sailing Association (ASSA)



  1. To provide more valid ratings for the racing yachts of the association.
  2. To provide local and direct evaluation of yacht ratings.
  3. To provide an unbiased authority for rating adjudication.
  4. To establish scoring rules for interclub racing.
  5. To be the official measuring group for the member clubs
    of the association.
  6. To provide more responsive rating certification than has been
    received from more remote associations.
  7. To promote the Albemarle Sound area nationally as a
    viable yacht racing area.



The mailing address is P.O. Box 612 Elizabeth City, N.C. 27909.


All meetings shall be held at places convenient for all the
club representatives. Time and place shall be chosen by the
commodore. As a minimum there shall be meetings held quarterly
on the second Tuesday, 7:30 P.M. on the following months:
January, April, July, and October.


The association members shall be provided from each
of the three fleets. Duty and title of each of these members
shall be determined by a vote of the associationn members
The term shall be two years and half the members terms shall
end on consecutive years. A member may serve additional terms
if approved by the club he represents.


The necessary operating costs will be provided from
charges to fleet members for the rating and measurement certi-
fication of their yachts. These costs are to maintain enrollment
in the US Sailing Fleet Handbook.


A minimum of one member from each club shall constitute a
quorum to conduct business. To modify or change these bylaws
or resolve an apppeal, a majorityvote ot the members present is


  1. The commodore shall be the coordinator between the associa-
    tion and the US Sailing Association. He shall be considered
    the chief measurer and will sign the rating certificates
    after he and the members agree upon the assigned ratings.
  2. The statisticatioin shall be responsible to maintain the
    PHRF rating data from the member clubs. He shall compile
    interclub race results and supply the required statistics for
    the PHRF Fleet Handbook.

    These amended bylaws will become effective June 1, 1995 and
    the amendments will noted by verticle line following each change.
  3. The secretary shall keep record of the proceedings of
    all meetings. The secretary shall preserve all records,
    reports, documents, and correspondence of the associat-
    ion. In case of inability to attend a meetingm insure
    necessary records are conveyed to the meeting.
  4. The treasurer shall collect and receive all money due
    to the association and pay all bills contracted by it;
    keeping a record of the same. To maintain custody of all
    funds of the association which shall be placed in a bank
    approved by the association. To make a report at each
    meeting, or at other times at the call of the commodore.


  1. The trophy a large silver plated cup, will be titled
    Albemarle Sound Championship Cup.
  2. The trophy will be presented at the conslusion of the
    final race of the season by the host of the Peanut Festival
  3. The cup will remain with the winning club until awarded
    to a new series winner.
  4. All matters relating to the trophy and the race series
    shall be the sole responsibility of the association.

1. The Championship Cup will be awarded at the end of the
three regatta series to the club that has the best cumul-
ative record of their best six boat finishes independent
of class for each race of the season series.
2. A boat does not have to participate in all three race
series to be eligible to count toward the Championship Cup.
3. Individual trophies will be awarded for best of the
series and will be awarded to the top three finishers in
each of the three classes (Spinnaker, Non-Spinnaker
Division A and B). A boat must participate in all three
races to be eligible for the individual trophy.
4. Each club will attempt to sail two races at each
regatta, with the combined scores of both races to count
toward the championship cup and individual best of the
series trophy. The combined scores of both races should
also be used for the individual regatta trophies.
5. Fifty percent of the yachts in a class finish within three
hours or the race will be abandoned. Those not finishing
within the limit will receive a DNF.
6. A boat owner must have a current rating certificate to be
scored for the championship and individual series trophies,
but may be scored for regatta trophies without a certificate.
7. In addition to a valid certificate, a yacht must be owned
by and have on board a memeber of a club of the Albemarle
Sound Sailing Association Fleet to have points scored for that
club for the individual trophies.
8. Multiple ownership of competing yachts as indicated
in Rule 21.2 of the IYRU and US Sailing Association Rules
states. Two or more yachts owned or chartered wholly or
in part by the same body or person shall not compete in
the same race without the previous consent of the race
committee. For competition towards the Albemarle
Championship Cup the consent of the race committe
shall be interpreted to be the ASSA Committee and is granted.
9. For the Albemarle Sound Championship Race Series,
these rules will apply.

1. Clubs entering less than the required number of six
boats, will be scored to the highest number (DNF + 1) for
the largest class entered; spinnaker versus non-spinnaker
division A or B.

2. Olympic scoring will be used (3/4 point first place,
two for second and on).

3. If a tie should occur in the combined score for a two
race regatta, the following tie breaking procedures shall be used.

A. The yacht with the lowest total cummulative cor-
rected time shall win.
B. If the yachts using the above scoring are still tied,
then the yacht that had the highest finishing place in either
of the two races shall be declared the winner.
C. If a tie still exists, then a flip of the coin shall be the determinate.


1. Member hace studid and approved splitting the non-spin-
naker class into two divisions. Boats rated under a PHRF
of 214 will be Division A and 214 and above will be Division B.

2. Boat owners can move up from non-spinnaker class during the
season, but can't move down.

3. There will be no restriction on whisker pole length for
non-spinnaker class boats.

4. To reduce the advantage yachts with two slotted headfoils
have over yachts without, the following will apply. Yachts may
fly a single jib attached only at the tack and head with no hanks
to the forestay. When changing sails the new sail may be hoisted
beforelowering the old sail; however, the new sail must be hoisted
on the same side as the old sail. Except for the above, a boat may
only fly a single headsail unless she is cutter rigged.


1. A six member handicapping committee, (ASSA) committee
consisting of two representatives from each of the three clubs
will assign PHRF ratings to all yachts required for scoring of the
interclub race series.

2. For boats that are not listed in the PHRF Fleet Handbook,
are non-standard or have unusual performance characteristics;
the committee will modify the base handicap or assign a rating
using all relevent data at its disposal.

3. The PHRF regulations as printed on the back of the rating
form will be used for the purpose of adjusting handicaps for
such as headsail size, spars and propulsion.

4. The largest headsail and or spinnaker to be used for
the year must be declared and measured prior to the first
race entered. If a sail is added during the year, it must be
measured and the rating adjusted if necessary by the ASSA


1. Appeals will be reviewed at a quarterly meeting, unless
determined by the commodores that a resolution is required
before the next club race.

2. Yachts will be awarded a +3 second adjustment if the
largest jib is 110% or less.

3. Findings of a rating appeal for a saildrive feathering
prop adjustment. No adjustment, or a 0, the same as a
folding prop.


The ASSA Committee may amend these bylaws with a two-
thirds vote of the six member committee.


These bylaws shall only be adopted after revieew of the
full six member committee and a two thirds vote for adoption.